A charter bus, is a vehicle with high seating capacity which is under your service for a determined amount of time. The service comes with a driver so you can relax and get transported between your destinations without any hassle.

It depends on the seating capacity you are looking for, our fleet has different sizes to accommodate different groups, from a 20 seats bus (face forward seats, with large side windows, one large entrance door at the front, tall enough to walk comfortably to your seat and rear cargo area for luggage), to a mid size 29 seats bus (witch is very similar to the 20 passenger bus but larger and higher, this mid size bus comes with on board screens and surround system with mic, ideal for a tour or a long trip) to a 56 passenger coach (Same face forward seats, tall enough to walk to your seat, screens, surround system and the luggage space is under the bus, this bus is large and sometimes could be difficult to maneuver in small streets so regardless of the amount of people, some events will need several smaller buses instead of a large one.

All of them are charter buses, because they are being hired under your specific instructions and all of them have high seating capacity (a bus), the main difference is the seating capacity and distribution, the mini bus, and the coach buses will have the seats facing forward while the party buses have must of the times the seats seating sideways and must of the times as a comfortable futon or large sofa in order to make it very nice for the guests, also includes a small dancing area in the middle of the bus, night disco lights and lots of screens.

Anyone, from sports teams, businesses, organizations,  weddings, to just a couple of friends planning a nice day on the lake or hiking, anyone no matter how small or big is the group can rent charter buses to get transportation to and from the destinations on their itineraries

It will depend on the specific size of the bus, but when selecting it mention what amenities do you need: you can get AC, winter heather, on board washroom, on board screen, microphone, on board surround system, DVD, comfortable seats, USB charging stations, WiFi, electric connectors

We recommend to tip him between 5 to 20 % of your bill.

Yes,  buses are equipped with WiFi that can connect up to 25 devices at the same time.

Bus seating capacity

  • Small Mini bus – 20 seats + driver + storage
  • Medium Mini bus – 29 seats + driver + storage
  • Large Mini bus – 37 seats + driver + storage
  • Prevost coach bus – 56 seats + driver + under storage

Our medium size minibus, the large minibus and some of our coach buses have electric plugs so you can connect your phone charger, laptops etc.

It is actually your choice, while reserving your charter the option is given and you get to decide if you want to be allowed or not, the only reason for this is that if your guests leave a mess in the bus you might end up paying a cleaning fee which goes hand to hand with the level of mess left behind.

It is not allowed to have alcoholic beverages while you are a passenger on a commercial vehicle in this case a bus, this is by law in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.

Yes they are, but as pets can leave a mess behind if not taken care properly, you will need to pay any cleaning fees that come from this situation.

Weapons, explosives, flammable materials, dangerous chemicals, drugs and any item that might endanger the passengers and the vehicle. Please note that if the bus crosses the border to other countries (USA) undeclared merchandise will be considered contraband which is prohibited, there are also certain items allowed in Canada that will not be allowed in the states and will create a problem at the border, if you have any question about it please ask.

Yes, but not on every model, the only buses that will have beds are called entertainer buses, and are just like the ones the music bands or starts use when they are on tour, those buses can hold from 6 – 12 beds depending on layout and other factors, this buses are only available under a 1 month advance request.

Yes, all our charter bus have seat belts.

No, we only provide our services with a driver.

Only our Prevost coaches have washrooms.

Time is accounted: From dispatch going empty for your pick up (note we arrive earlier than your specified time) then your transfer (there is some time for drop off and parking) then the time for the vehicle return to dispatch.

(note: you can use maps services to estimate all this distance & time relations but note maps estimate the best case scenarios on a car, you are on a bus so the time will increase by 25%)