Carrier does not guarantee to arrive at or depart from any point at a specified time, but will endeavor to maintain the schedule submitted by its agent or employee.   a.) Carrier will not be liable if an Act of God, public enemies, authority of law, quarantine, perils of navigation, riots, strikes, the hazards or dangers incident to a state of war, accidents, breakdowns, conditions of the road, snow storms, and other conditions beyond its control, make it, in the opinion of the Carrier, inadvisable to operate “Charter bus / coaches / vehicles” either from the “Place of Origin” or any point en route. The Carrier shall not be liable therefore or be caused to be held for damage for any reason whatsoever. Additional cost such as meals, lodging, and transportation will become the responsibility of the chartering party. b.) The Company shall not be liable for the loss of any items of personal property, or baggage, stored in either part of the vehicle or in a cargo trailer. Each member of the group shall be responsible for his/her own personal property and baggage. Each person shall be responsible for removing all of their own personal property and baggage from the bus at the end of each day of travel, and upon the completion of the trip. c.) Baggage and all other property will be handled only at passengers’ own risk and only in an amount that can conveniently be carried in the charter bus. Any damage to the vehicle, caused by the chartering party, will be charged by the carrier to the chartering party.   NOTE: The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any personal property. Baggage and all other personal property will be handled only at passengers’ own risk. Passenger’s baggage shall be carried subject to the available accommodations (as determined solely by the Company).




With the exception of sunflower seeds and peanuts in shell, food and non-alcoholic drinks are allowed on our smaller vehicles (20 px bus, 29 px bus and 28 px bus). Note: If there is poor control of food by passengers a cleaning fee with a minimum of $300 CAD is in place. No food or drinks are allowed on Prevost Coach Buses (No exceptions).


Use of all tobacco products and tobacco substitutes is strictly prohibited while on our vehicles, Smoking is prohibited, if your party breaks the rule a cleaning fee up to 400 CAD might be imposed to your bill. Use of alcoholic products  is strictly prohibited while on our vehicles, if your party breaks the rule fines could be billed to the reservation holder, note that police is very strict on Vancouver and you can expect a large fine. (PLEASE let everyone in your party know about this rules and make clear to them the large expenses it could mean to break this protocol.)


Carrier reserves the right to refuse to transport a person or persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or whose conduct is such to make him/her objectionable to other passengers, or causes interference of the safe operation of the vehicle. In addition, note that SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED in any of our vehicles.


Your driver will be furnished with a copy of the agreed itinerary and is specifically instructed to strictly follow it. The driver has no authority to agree to make any changes in the trip schedule. Rather, the driver must request the prior approval of a duly authorized officer of the Company. Therefore, if, after your trip commences, you want to make changes in the agreed itinerary, you must so notify the driver at once and he will contact the Company. The Company shall have the absolute discretion and right to either agree, or decline, to make any requested changes. If the Company agrees to any requested changes, and if you do not pay in advance, you will become responsible for the payment of the full amount of any increase in the contract price immediately upon completion of the trip.   It is understood and agreed that the performance of the service detailed in this order is subject to regulations and is contingent upon the carrier’s ability to furnish the equipment and perform the service. The number of hours that a motor-coach / commercial vehicle operator can be on duty is strictly limited by the Law. The Company reserves the right to lease equipment from other companies in order to fulfill this charter agreement.


Rent a bus Vancouver reserves the right to give you back any deposit or advance in the case we can not fulfill your event, due to any reason such as mechanical failures, maintenance, driver sickness, and or any logistic problems. Note this can happen at any point. When on the road breakdowns happen, Rent a bus Vancouver will commit to send a secondary vehicle to assist you finish your trip, this second vehicle will must of the time have a delay while we get it to your location, there no refund due to this incidents, we understand you might be uncomfortable waiting, but this thinks happen and we do not provide any compensation. When your assigned vehicle(s) is unable to depart dispatch to fulfill your service (on a last minute mechanical or safety reason) and in order to cover your transportation need, we will send another vehicle available for same amount or bigger amount of passengers (Example: you had booked a 13 pax van that can not depart, driver will be able to show up on a 20 pax bus to fulfill your event as your passengers will still fit on the vehicle.) there’s no refund or compensation for this changes, there will also be NO additional charges for the bigger vehicle.


Amenities such as Wifi, on board screens, on board washrooms, sound system and electric outlets, are available in some of our trips as a free amenity and we reserve the right to have them not working at any point. Note: That your service(s) will not get refunded for a non working amenity, as they are complimentary services to your transportation charter service, however we try our best to have them in working condition at all times.


All prices quoted in the confirmation are subject to change under the circumstances described in this Section part 2, but shall not be increased, in the aggregate, by more than twenty percent(20%). If the price of diesel fuel increases by more than ten percent (10%) between the date of the confirmation and the date of the charter, the Company may increase the prices quoted in the confirmation by an amount equal to the product of (i) the per gallon increase in diesel fuel over ten percent (10%), and (ii) the estimated number of gallons to be used in the charter. If there is a change in the laws or regulations between the date of the confirmation and the date of the charter that (i) require material modifications be made to the vehicle chartered under the confirmation prior to the date of the charter, or (ii) cause the Company to incur material additional or increased expenses in providing the charter services, the Company may increase the prices quoted in the confirmation.


The Chartering Party must notify of any cancellations by email. Cancellations made will be subject to an 80% cancellation fee, and any cancellation must be requested in writing at least 72hrs before the first leg of the service (first transfer if booking multiple trips / dates). NOTE: Any same day cancellation will be considered as a no-show and 100% cancellation fee will apply. COVID Cancelations: If your group is cancelling for COVID positive reasons, and you want an alternative to our regular cancellation policy, please notify us via email and we will be happy to apply 100% of your payments toward a new date (rebooking the service). Please note that we still need 48hrs notice before the service date. If its cancelled last moment (on the same day), we cannot rebook your service. If you are rebooking a service for a different date, the time limit is one year from the moment the booking was placed. If the rebooking is for COVID reasons, the time limit is two years from the moment the booking was placed.


When, at the request of the Chartering Party or due to unforeseen circumstances such as road blocks and road closures, any change in service resulting in an increase in miles or hours beyond that specified in the itinerary of this confirmation, an additional charge shall be made for such additional service (this charge can be reflected on your credit card at any time and without notice). Tolls, highway fees, Parking Chg, Hotel Rooms etc. will be separate and additional elements in the determination of any additional charges. The Company will notify the Chartering Party of any additional charges that may be incurred at the time of the service order revision. Any change in service at the request of the Chartering Party/Group  or by road conditions that results in an increase in miles or hours over that of the contracted service may result in an additional charge. Overtime will be permitted, upon vehicle availability, and rounded off to the next hour. Availability of overtime is not guaranteed. Only the company dispatcher has the authority to allow overtime on any vehicle of the fleet. Tolls, parking charges, and reserving and paying for driver accommodations in the event of an overnight trip, etc., will be the responsibility of the Chartering Party unless otherwise stated. Any additional fees unforeseen prior to the departure of the charter are the responsibility of the Chartering Party.


A detailed itinerary is required for extended day trips at least two (2) weeks prior to departure and the final itinerary must be received at least one week prior to departure. Itineraries are subject to review by a safety officer of the Company. Prices are subject to change based on the final itinerary. NOTE: that our safety officer / manager might need to change your itinerary if it goes over the limit of hours that a driver is allowed to drive by law, or if in its common sense feels the driver would be tired and will risk safety of the passengers, in the event of extended working hours the driver is able to  notify management about his capability during an ongoing trip, reserving us all right to pause and modify the schedule until he is rested and fit to keep driving, he is able to pause the trip even without notifying management (this for your safety).


Here is a quick view of the local law in British Columbia, so  that you know what your driver is allowed to do and what he is not. Daily driving and on-duty time 37.13.01   (1)A carrier must not request, require or allow a driver to drive and a driver must not drive after the driver has accumulated 13 hours of driving time in a day. (2) A carrier must not request, require or allow a driver to drive and a driver must not drive after the driver has accumulated 14 hours of on-duty time in a day. [en. B.C. Reg. 36/2007, s. 3.] Mandatory off-duty time 37.13.02    (1)A carrier must not request, require or allow a driver to drive and a driver must not drive after the driver has accumulated 13 hours of driving time unless the driver takes at least 8 consecutive hours of off-duty time before driving again. (2)A carrier must not request, require or allow a driver to drive and a driver must not drive after the driver has accumulated 14 hours of on-duty time unless the driver takes at least 8 consecutive hours of off-duty time before driving again. (3)A carrier must not request, require or allow a driver to drive and a driver must not drive after 16 hours of time have elapsed between the conclusion of the most recent period of 8 or more consecutive hours of off-duty time and the beginning of the next period of 8 or more consecutive hours of off-duty time. (4)A carrier must not request, require or allow a driver to drive and a driver must not drive if the driver has not taken at least 24 consecutive hours of off-duty time in the previous 14 days. [en. B.C. Reg. 36/2007, s. 3.] Daily off-duty time 37.13.03    (1)A carrier must ensure that a driver takes and the driver must take at least 10 hours of off-duty time in a day. (2)Off-duty time other than the mandatory 8 consecutive hours may be distributed throughout the day in blocks of no fewer than 30 minutes each. (3)The total amount of off-duty time taken by a driver in a day must include at least 2 hours of off-duty time that does not form part of a period of 8 consecutive hours of off-duty time required by section 37.13.02. [en. B.C. Reg. 36/2007, s. 3.] Deferral of daily off-duty time 37.13.04  Despite sections 37.13.01 and 37.13.03, a driver who is not splitting off-duty time in accordance with section 37.16 or 37.16.01 may defer a maximum of 2 hours of the daily off-duty time to the following day if (a)the off-duty time deferred is not part of the mandatory 8 consecutive hours of off-duty time, (b)the total off-duty time taken in the 2 days is at least 20 hours, (c)the off-duty time deferred is added to the 8 consecutive hours of off-duty time taken in the second day, (d)the total driving time in the 2 days does not exceed 26 hours, and (e)there is a declaration in the “Remarks” section of the daily log that states that the driver is deferring off-duty time under this section and that clearly indicates whether the driver is driving under day one or day two of that time. [en. B.C. Reg. 36/2007, s. 3.]

NOTE: this is only an abstract and rules go over this, as more things need to be considered as cycles and more complex rules apply, this is just a guidance.


The cost of repairing damage to vehicles / buses resulting from acts of members of the Chartering Party shall be charged to the Chartering Party and is payable as soon as such cost is determined.


The time of arrival at starting point, stop-over point, destination, or return to point of origin cannot be guaranteed. Operators are carefully selected and have instruction to drive at all times at a speed within the limits. Multiple factors can delay your arrival time, examples: Traffic, breakdowns, human error (mistake in instructions or addresses), etc. We do not refund your payment or cover any losses due to your late arrival to destination.


Equipment furnished by the Company is thoroughly inspected before being assigned to the charter service to insure uninterrupted service. If for some reason beyond the control of the Company, a mechanical failure makes necessary the replacement of a bus originally assigned to the charter service, the replacement bus may be of a different type. The company reserves the right to sell and /or update any model of vehicle in its inventory. Specific vehicle requests are not guaranteed. The company also reserves the right to replace a contracted bus type/size with another one in the event it becomes necessary in order to fulfill the requirements of the contract. 


Passengers shall not interfere with the operator in the discharge of his/her duty or tamper with any apparatus or appliance on the bus. TIPS All prepaid tips will go to our customer service team, tips for the drivers should be given directly  after the end of your service.


Possession of firearms, explosives and fireworks (whether in baggage or on the person) are strictly forbidden on the vehicle.


A past due account may be referred to a third party for collection. The purchaser agrees to be responsible for all collection costs and attorney’s fees. Past due accounts are subject up to 4% per month finance charges. There is a minimum $55.00 charge for returned checks.


When the nature of the charter trip is such that a greater than normal amount of time and material will be necessary to clean bus properly upon its return to garage, the Company, at its option, may require additional cost to cover such additional time and materials. Be aware a $200.00 minimum fee will be charged for excessively spilled liquids, removal of footprints or other marks, stains from the upholstery, and any cleaning brought on by an illness of any cause. Weddings and late night events have a bigger risk of passenger vomiting on buses , so we will charge a hold of $400 CAD for any of this events, that will be refunded in the case there’s no cleaning fees.


The following items are prohibited: Alcoholic Beverages Smoking Glass containers Fuel containers and generators.


Rent a bus Vancouver operates under the name and authority of Whistler Rides Inc. We agree to make every effort to carry out the provisions of the agreement, but it is distinctly understood that we shall not be liable for delays caused by accidents, breakdowns, and bad conditions beyond our control and we do not guarantee to arrive or depart from any point at a specific time. In the event of mechanical failure, driver illness, or any other emergency preventing the operation of a bus, the bus operating company is to be given a reasonable time for repairs or replacement of the bus or driver at its own discretion. The company shall not be liable for the loss of any personal property or damage to any personal property. The company reserves the right to lease equipment from other companies in order to fulfill this contract if necessary.

Please make sure you review this contract and understand it completely before hiring us.